We create platform
for Internet of Things

to make smart products work
for your innovative business

We provide products
to support your company's growth

so that your company can focus
on enhancing your expertise instead

Our Products

Peentar IoT Platform and SDK

IoT Platform for Your Device
If you have a knack for Internet of Things (IoT), then you will love our platform and SDK. Peentar provides platform, quality hardware and great performance so that you can make use of all the Things that you own. Moreover, you can build on new functions using our SDK so that you can have a tool that behaves exactly like what you need on a stable platform.

Peentar Omni-Channel Engine

Integrated Commerce Experience Across All Channels
POC gives business owners a flexibility in providing commerce experience to their customers. It enables truly integrated shopping experience from various channel. Customers can start shopping from any channel and later on continue from other channels. This enables the ability to create uniformity and the same excellent service to the customer, no matter what channel they are currently on. Peentar-OncE is connected with various IoT device to ensure maximum flexibility in presenting your products.

Peentar Integrated Engine

Support for Your Company's Growth
PIE is a collection of various engine dedicated to support a company’s growth. PIE provides SCM, ERP, CRM, Analytics, Payment Gateway and e-commerce service so that your company can focus on doing your expertise instead. Our Peentar Smart Stock Technology will provide transparency and efficiency for your company’s inventory and goods management.

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